Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Blizzroar is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He was a Pete toon drawing that was stored away inside a freezer for unknown reasons, but now came alive and revived by god due to hid death of being frozen alive, he comes back for revenge.


He appears to resemble Pete except his arms are now ice with sharp claws. His lower jaw appears to be frozen and has what appears to be a ice beard. His pupal's turn icy blue and has icicles sticking out of his back. His right ear and side of the head appears to be frozen in ice.


Blizzroar starts at night 4 in the Meat Freezer, he will first be off camera, but then will appear on camera, the player must look away or he will breath out a frosty breath, freezing the camera making it unable to work. When in the office at the right door, the player must shut off the camera or he will kill you. Sometimes, he can appear in front of the office, when that happens, a red button will appear saying " Increase the heating temperature". The player must press it otherwise, he will roar at you, making an icy wind, immobilizing you for a few seconds and then after that, slows down your moment for a few moments, then finally moving normally again.


Blizzroar starts at the Meat Freezer, then heads towards the office.


His appearance and behavior is because he used to be a Pete toon, but died of being frozen when being brought to life, then being revived by God and she gave him special ice powers and an appearance to be a ice monster Cat Toon hybrid.

His name " Blizzroar" comes from " Blizzard" and " Roar" because he roars like a big cat.