Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Blood Mickey is a antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He is an bloody and dirty version of Mickey Mouse. He looks brutal as he has an yellow, charred head inside him. His eyes are missing to reveal the inner head's eyes. The head's eyes are more dirty and very burnt. Part of his head in the top right is ripped off, keeping the eyes connected to the suit of the head.


He is an bloody, dirty, and ravaged version of a Mickey suit. He has a distorted head inside than his normal appearance, but sinister.


He starts on Night 6. He acts in a razor, sinister way as he says "How dare you be happy", "You will be left lonely", "I want to inject you", "I always held a needle, but I still do", "We are evil", "The feeling of evil makes me happy", "Your parents were moved away", "I will conceal you for ever", and "There is no way that Oswald loves you", and starts in Character Prep 2 and then goes to the office in the right way.


  • He is a twin brother of Blood Mouse.
  • He resembles PN MIckey, but not inverted and bloody, dirty, and brutal.