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Are you looking for The Blood Mouse Costume's official couterpart of Five Nights at Treasure Island, Blood Mouse?

The Blood Mouse Costume is one of the tertiary antagonists in Five Nights at Treasure Island, aside from Blood Mouse.


The Blood Mouse Costume highly resembles Blood Mouse, however, his textures are brighter, making his colors a slightly brighter. His face is brown instead of black because of this. His eyes are normal Mickey Mouse eyes instead of Blood Mouse's glossy, human-like eyes. As his name suggests, he is a possessed Mickey Mouse costume.


The Blood Mouse Costume starts in the Storage Closet, laying down on the floor. The player can signal when he is about to start his path when he stands up and looks at the camera. Unlike Blood Mouse, the costume will proceed to head directly toward the Office instead of going back and forth between CAMs.

The Blood Mouse Costume can be told apart from Blood Mouse himself, because the CAMs the costume enters are brighter than the CAMs Blood Mouse enters.

The player must hide under the desk to avoid him when the costume enters the Office. Otherwise, the costume will kill the player.


Blood Mouse will start in the Storage Closet, and then will head directly into the Staff Area and the Meat Freezer. He will then enter your Office.




The Blood Mouse Costume's jumpscare sound.

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