Blood Mouse Hallucination 3

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Blood Mouse Costume is a fan-made antagonist in : Abandoned Discovery Island.

He is a somewhat possessed version of Blood Mouse but his textures are normal and he looks friendly. He is a closer resemblance to Photo-Negative Mickey except his textures look different and he is a possessed-looking version of Photo-Negative Mickey.


He is a normal and an cartoon-alternative version of Blood Mouse and he looks like an innocent-looking mouse toon.

The Blood Mouse Costume highly resembles Blood Mouse, however, his textures are brighter, making his colors a slightly brighter scheme or schemes. His face is brown instead of black because of this. His eyes are normal Mickey Mouse eyes instead of human eyes. As his name suggests, he is a possessed costume of Photo-Negative Mickey , his shoes are dark brown and a bit green and yellow mixed together and his shorts are the same as Mickey's but the buttons are a bit grey and his shorts are slightly darkened and his gloves are grey and his appearance and his self is the same as Photo-Negative Mickey.


The Blood Mouse Costume activates in Night 10 , he acts like Photo-Negative Mickey but every camera he goes to will change the colors a little inverted and brightened and monochromatic. He will start in the Storage Closet , then he will go to the Staff Area , then he will go to the Meat Freezer , he won't go to the Bathroom or the Lounge that leads to the left side of the Office , then he will eventually appear inside the right side of the Office , the player must hide under the desk to avoid him , Shutting off the cameras won't work to fend him off , If the player doesn't fend him off properly will make him jump-scare the player and will result a game over , his jump-scare is the same as Photo-Negative Mickey's when the power's out but it will be a bit faster and his screech will be the same as MickMick's.

The Blood Mouse Costume starts in the Storage Closet , laying down on the floor. The player can signal when he is about to start his path when he stands up and looks at the camera. Unlike Blood Mouse, the costume will proceed to head directly toward the the Office instead of going back and forth between the CAMs.

The Blood Mouse Costume can be told apart from Blood Mouse himself because the CAMs he enters are brighter than the cams Blood Mouse enters.

The player must hide under the desk to avoid him from killing the player. Or else/Otherwise after a matter of 7 seconds of Failing Or Neglecting To Hide Under The Desk will cause , result in or make The Blood Mouse Costume jump-scaring , attacking or killing the player.

Facts About Him

He is an enemy that acts like Photo-Negative Mickey (as the name implies , he is the main antagonist in Abandoned ; Discovery Island) as the connection to him implies , he has the same poses where he starts in or moves to any CAMs just like Photo-Negative Mickey , but he will absently just go inside the Office instead of appearing in the Bathroom or the Lounge when he's in the Meat Freezer.

Fact : Character Prep 1

If He's At Character Prep 1 , His Face Will Be Bright Orange And His Shoes Will Be Bright Peach And Yellow Mixed Together , And His Shorts Will Be Pink With Black Buttons On The Shorts , And He Will Have Black Gloves. He will have two stages starting in the Storage Closet (also known as "***Character Prep 3***".) before he will leave :

  1. He will lay down at the right side of the Storage Closet just like Photo-Negative Mickey.
  2. Then He will Just Be Idling Stand Up Being Idle In The Storage Closet just like Photo-Negative Mickey.

Fact : Staff Area

If he's At The Staff Area , he will be at the left of the Staff Area with his pose just like Photo-Negative Mickey , his pose will be like he's opening a door directly.

His appearance when he's in the Staff Area will still be the textures and the colors and he's still the resemblance as his same self.

Fact : Meat Freezer

If He's At The Meat Freezer , he will be UN-able to move along to the Bathroom Or The Lounge. His head will be tilted down and his arms will be just idle and his pose will be like he's walking directly.

His appearance when he's in the Meat Freezer , he will still have his textures and his colors that resembles to himself , except that all of his textures is colored gray-scale that matches to Suicide Mouse over a gray-scale light that's flashing.

Fact : The Office

When He Arrives In The Office After Being In The Meat Freezer , His Pose Will Be Like Photo-Negative Mickey with his arms a little bit outstretched and his jaw is a little outstretched with his smile being odd , but the only difference is that his textures highly resembles to Photo-Negative Mickey's , as the difference implies , his face , his shoes , his shorts/pants and his gloves are colored black including his buttons on his shorts that is colored gray on the outside of the buttons. And he still has a white nose , white fur , white torso and white ears and white legs. He still has Photo-Negative Mickey's Similar Eyes With White Eye Irises.



Blood Mouse will start in the Storage Closet, and then will head directly into the Staff Area and the Meat Freezer. Then he will then enter your Office.


Storage Closet ➝ Staff Area ➝ Meat Freezer ➝ Office


Blood Mouse Will Start At Storage Closet (Also Known As ''Character Prep 3'') Alongside Photo-Negative Mickey And Disembodied , then he will enter his next locations :

Cameras Or Locations Not Being Onto His Path Are :


Three hallucinations will appear while he is in there for 0.2 seconds if he appears in the office that highly resembles to Blood Mouse's hallucinations.

First Hallucination
The First Hallucination Is That The Blood Mouse Costume Is Starring At The Player While He Is On The Roof Just Like Blood Mouse.
Second Hallucination
The Second Hallucination Is That The Blood Mouse Is Still On The Roof While He's Twitching On The Screen While Clenching His Head.
Third Hallucination
The Third Hallucination Is That The Blood Mouse Costume Is Just Still On The Roof Like The Other Hallucinations , except that he takes his head off with grey blood leaking out of his head just exactly like Photo-Negative Mickey.


  • Like Blood Mouse, the costume's model is actually Photo-Negative Mickey from Abandoned: Discovery Island, but his textures are inverted and then value inverted.
  • The Blood Mouse Costume was actually a normal Mickey costume but was vandalized to look as he does now.
  • He has a connection with Photo-Negative Mickey because he acts exactly like him , except for absently not appearing in the Bathroom or the Lounge.


Other Stuff About Him

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Blood Mouse Costume Jumpscare

The Blood Mouse Costume's Jump-Scare Sound When He Kills The Player


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