Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Template:Character Template 1Blood Pennie  (also known as Blood Photo-Negative Mickey) is appearense Fnati:ltr, he is Photo-Negative Mickey's Blood version.


He's like Photo-Negative Mickey. But he lost his ears, nose and upper left half of head, Blood Pennie lacks his right arm, instead they were replaced with a spike, his full body has bloods.

Behaviour(Abandoned Discovery Island)

He Active In Meat Freezer, Then He Move To Lounge, And He Move To Office, If You See Him, You Must Hide, Failling Or Does Nothing He Kill You.


  • In his verison 2, his right shoe is red.
  • His original version is Photo-Negative Mickey.
  • He Almost Same Name As A Oc Named Penny, A Fnati Oc, But With Y And This Character Use Ie