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Bloody Mickey is an antagonist in Five Nights of Blood.


He is a normal Mickey Mouse toon, except he has blood over parts of his body. and is missing one ear, and also, he's missing one shoe.


He sits in the lounge at the beginning of the night, and however, he must be watched for 3 seconds, and if ignoring him, he'll move to the office, albeit very fastly, making him an dumbass. If the player ignores him and opens the camera up again without worry, he will be inactive for the rest of the night. If the player hides under the desk or shuts a camera off, he will jumpscare the player, ending the night.


Bloody Mickey is such an dumbass as confirmed at the end of the All Dumbass preset, in the cutscene where he says he is going to murder Jake for what he did.

Bloody Mickey was originally a Normal Mickey springlock suit before a girl has been murdered by Pacifist Cindy by being forced to stay inside the springlock suit until her lungs stop and she dies.


Bloody_mickey.png| Promo of him.

|-|Audio= Blood Mickey's scream. WARNING: THIS SOUND IS EXTREMELY LOUD