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WARNING: As request of the creator, PlushTube678, to use this character/OC in your FNATI or ADI fan-games, you'll need to ask for permission to the creator/owner of this character, and put the correspondent credit of the creator. Thank you for reading.


Blotmare Photo-Negative Mickey is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Blotmare Photo-Negative Mickey resembles a Photo-Negative Mickey Toon, but is heavily melted and broken. BPNM's limbs appear beaten and skinny, while the rest of his body is covered in dust and has multiple dents. His mouth is stretched out to an unnatural degree, and the colors on his body are mixed and smeared due to age.


BPNM starts in the Suit Storage off-camera, and emerges at 1AM of Night 3. BPNM moves slowly, but also sneakily. He will then move to Character Prep 2 through the window, where he is seen standing in the center of the room, the darkness obscuring his features. He then moves to the Staff Area, where he is seen looking off-camera. He will then move to the Meat Freezer, he is seen standing in the corner of the room. Lastly, he will move to the Office, where the player must shut off a cam to get rid of him. Neglecting to do so will result in a jumpscare.


  • Suit Storage
  • Character Prep 2
  • Staff Area
  • Meat Freezer
  • Office


  • It is theorized that BPNM is the Photo-Negative Mickey from the December 2014 Demo of the original Five Nights at Treasure Island.


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