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Blue Fire Mickey is a fan made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island 2.6


Mickey Mouse But Blue Fire


In Night 6 He Start On Magic Room, Then He Move To Entrance Break Room Then He Goes To Stair Way,And Finally He Goes To Power Room, He Gonna Trying Destroying The Power, You Need Shock Him To Make Him Back To Magic Room If You Not Shock Him, The Ability To Shut Off Camera And Power Is Disabled(One Night Only), But He Different On Abandoned Night, He Will Start On Break Storage Room (Which Near Vent AB2) Then He Will Travel Every Vent, If He Reach Your Office,You Much Shut Off Camera To Make Him Go Away, Failling or Does Nothing He Kill You, Restarting The Night.


  • Like Jake's Dad And Gary's Dad.  He Was Kill 8 Years Ago
  • He Never Speak At All
  • Rarely He Has Hallunication Which He Has Sharp Teeth And Human Like Eye
  • Oddly Enough He Stored At Magic Room 2, Which Only Use For Storage Prop