Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Hey Jake? I don't think anyone has told you this. There's a spotted cat toon that might be found under your desk... If you see him hiding, just don't bother him!" ~ Mateo Anderson

[Updated as of 25 of April 2021!]

* Description

Bobcat is a toon of a spotted black and white cat that works similarly to Foxy from the first Five Nights at Freddy's. He is inspired by a real pet.

* Appearance

Bobcat is a black and white spotted cat with a tiny white hat with a black stripe and grey shorts with white buttons. He seems to not have arms and appears to be smaller than the average toon.

* Behaviour

Bobcat will start on the Roof and then will proceed to go to the Green Cove, where he can be seen near a box. The player must be ready for when Bobcat enters the Lounge because he will rush to The Office from there. Once in The Office, Bobcat will be hidden under the Desk. The player can easily make him go away by shutting off a camera. The player can fend off Bobcat by shutting off a Camera if he's still in the Lounge too. Bobcat is most active on Night 4 but will be considerably inactive on Night 5, returning to Night 6 with intense activity.

When moving, the suit will struggle to meow. Most if not all of his quotes are purring and meowing.


  • Bobcat is inspired on a real cat of the same name.
    • It is implied the toon has the soul of a cat.
  • Bobcat will not appear on the roof if The Face is active as well.
    • It's believed The Face speeds up the arrival process of Bobcat to The Office.
  • Bobcat is one of the only characters to lack a proper jumpscare screech, using loud muffled noises instead of a scream of sorts.
  • Bobcat when in the office, can be seen under your desk.
  • Bobcat is a Nickname, as his real name seems to be "Bolcat".