"Hey! Jake? Jake it's me, Mateo, you know me! Ok not. I have something to tell you, there is a Cat suit that lacks its arms like every Oswald, he is... Kind of special to me, and kind of a jerk, too, if you see him under your desk, don't go under it, just don't!" ~ Mateo Anderson


Bobcat is a suit that represents a Cat with black and white spots around, it is unknown if he was left incomplete, as he, as multiple other Oswalds, lacks of Arms.


Bobcat is a character based of a cat from Mateo the Rabbit, his cat name was Bobcat, and sadly, he died of Cancer, so he tought it was good idea to now just make honor to him making a suit based off him. He died a few months ago.


Bobcat will start on the Roof, similar to how he did on Mateo's house, he will proceed to go to the Green Cove, where he can be seen near a box, the player must be ready, because when Bobcat enters the Lounge, he will rush to the Office. He will Jumpscare the player as soon as the Player hides under the Desk, He Cooperates with Acephalous to make the night harder, the player can easily make him go away by shutting off a camera, however, he usually appears on the office when acephalous is on it, it's all a matter of shutting off a camera before Bobcat enters, as shutting off a Camera when he is on the Lounge will alarm him and make him return to the Roof, this also is a Con as it takes a few of the cams for the player to defend himself, he is most active on night 4, and almost inactive on night 5.

When moving, the suit will struggle to say the following:

  • Mmmmhp... Mmmmpheow...

Apparently, most of his quotes are meows.


He is a Black kitty with a few Black & White spots around him, he wears some Oswald shorts with Mickey Mouse's Button's, he lacks of a Mouth, so he can't talk, he was left incomplete by Mateo after the death of his cat. The suit still struggles to speak. He also wears a tiny grey hat, similar to Ortensia's one.


  • Bobcat actually was a cat and was Mateo's pet, but he died of leucemia, some type of Blood cancer.
  • Talking about the suit -
  • Mateo builded the suit but when he noticed his cat's death, he left the suit incomplete, in a full deppression, the cat possesed the suit of wich, even tough it's incomplete, it's pretty well made. This also explains why his only quotes are Meows.
  • It makes absolutely no sense for Bobcat to Team up with Acephalous since Ace is a Dog while Bobcat is a Cat.
  • Bobcat will not appear on the roof if The Face is on it, probably because Bobcat dislikes The Face. If Bobcat was on the Roof and then The Face appears, he will jump straight to the Lounge, almost like an inconvenient Team-up, so The Face is believed to speed up Bobcat.
  • Bobcat's Jumpscare is Bobcat headbutting the player, he dosen't really has a screech, it's pure mumbling, but very loud.
  • Bobcat when on the office, can be seen under your desk, making clear his precense, hiding will make him Jumpscare the player, killing him. Usually, Ace will make this a bit more harder, have a good one players stuck on Night 4!
  • Bobcat is a Nickname, as his real name used to be "Bolcat".
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