Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Yo, Jake, it's me Mateo... If you shut off the Power... Be carefull... Bobcat is very aggressive when in the dark..." - Mateo Anderson


Shadow Bobcat / Shade is a Demon, shadow version of Bobcat, and is present on the Night X alongside the Shadow suits with Disney X. He also appears on any night the player shuts off the power.


He will be active ONLY if the power was shut off, or the player enters Night X.

Option 1 (Power off)

- Shadow Bobcat will appear on the Roof, and then from time to Time enter to the Office, his role changes drastically, as he dosen't attacks the player if they hide anymore, he will attack the player if the player neglects to shine their flashlight brighter to make him go away. If one is tired of his sh*t on his normal mode, it's the best option to shut off the power to make him slightly easier.

Option 2 (Night X)

- Shadow Bobcat will be an active suit alonside the shadow ones. He is extremely aggressive, and once he enters the office, just like the original Bobcat, he will attack the player as soon as they hide under the desk, he cooperates with the Shadows suits like Shadow Oswald and Shadow Acephalous. He is believed to be Disney X's Pet, hense Shadow Bobcat is a Demon, too.

As Shadow Bobcat being a Demon, he can still speak even tough lacking a mouth, he will say the next in a very deep, demonical voice:

  • "Saddest place on earth."
  • "Nothing but the worthless memories of what used to be a fun place."
  • "Disney? Disney? . . . Disney?"
  • "Disney, i know you are here, so, please bless me, and return me to my home."
  • "Disney... Please listen..."


Similar to Bobcat. He is a shadowy version, with Red glowy eyes, and his hat and pants in a darker color, his pants seems to be missing a button. His nose seems to be white. And unlike before, he no longer has a rip on his chest, he speaks out of Demon logic.


- Shadow Bobcat Option 1 (Power off) -

He only starts in the Roof and then proceeds to skip the Lounge to go straight to the Office. He can leave by shining your flashlight brighter.

- Shadow Bobcat Option 2 (Night X) -

He starts on The Broadcasting Room, every room he enters, is in total darkness, and only his red eyes can be seen, further comfirming he is a Demon and not a suit. He proceeds to go to the Meat Freezer and then The Office, strange enough, The Office dosen't goes full black when he enters, but he hides on the darkest spots of the desk, still very easy to spot since he has glowy eyes, but easily confused with the enviroment.


  • He has quotes similar to Dark Oswald's
  • Shadow Bobcat has been comfirmed to be his Name.
  • Shadow Bobcat seems to be a Demon, and Disney X's pet.
  • It is unknown why he is also active when the power is shut off, he returns to Bobcat (Normal) after power is on again.
  • The prhase "Saddest place on earth" is a reference to Suicidal or Suicide Gascot.
  • Shadow Bobcat / Shade is based of a Black cat of wich are said to bring bad luck, Not based of a CreepyPasta.
  • He seems to have some white borders around the black spots, it is unknown why.
  • Originator156 comfirmed the name of the shadow suits, this, being just called "Shadow suits". This also further comfirming Bobcat X's name to be Shadow Bobcat.
  • Shadow Bobcat got a Remake picture to match the Shadow status.