Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

boneglass is an minor antagonist and an easter egg in abandoned discovery island


he looks similar to hourglass, but he has a corpse inside him as you can see that he has a tear in his stomach, he has a bone hand, a whole skeleton leg and half off his face is gone, which is showing he has flesh on his face with the addition off him having his whole back ripped off showing flesh


he starts in pirates cavens to find him go to undying room and wait for 3 minutes after he has left it after 3 minutes boneglass wil crawl out a dark cornor and run at jake escape t the elevaitor and get to floor1 or 3 to escape him after that on night 4 at 3 m exactly a cutsence will play showing boneglass crawl out the entrance to pirates cavern he will crawl around and try to hide behind the sign in the office if he dose you HAVE to shut the power off or he will kill you at 5:am on the point he will be gone wene the power gose back on thougth


.sometimes his shade will appear on the roof for 3 seconds and his shade has no arms and his full flesh face on

.he has sharp teeth but they only appear in his jumscare but in the other cams he has human teeth

.he will sometimes have flesh on his skeletal parts

.he will try to rip the cameras off the wall if you look at him for two long

.while he looks like a corpse in hourglass he is just another suit off hourglass

.boneglass has claws as seen on my profile pic off him

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