Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Breadstick is an unofficial character in FNATI. And maybe Abandoned Discovery Island


Breadstick appears as a reverse version of Undying, an experiment gone wrong... Left abandoned at Treasure Island for 12 years, and also forgotten.


Breadstick starts at Pirates Cavern Entrence, then the Meat Freezer and finally makes his stop at the office... To get rid of him, the player must hide under the desk for 3 seconds or turn off the power. Failing to do this will get Breadstick to jumpscare the player.


  • Breadstick is connected to Hourglass and Fusion Mouse.
  • Breadstick has a 2.1% of replacing Undying.
  • Breadstick's real name is unknown...
  • Breadstick's jumpscare is the same as Undying's...
  • He does not like the name "Photo Negative Undying," hearing that name wants him to drink a cup of lava, but that will fry up his entire body...