Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Source: https://five-nights-at-treasure-island-rp.fandom.com/wiki/Break_Room


The Break Room, also known as CAM 8, is a location of the game Abandoned: Discovery Island.

Behavior + Appearance

The Break Room is located in-between the Lounge and the Bathroom, and is connected to the Lounge. This room is where The Visage, Decimated Mickey and Criminal The Wolf starts. Occasionally, Ortensia can be spotted here, Pinocho can appear in this room, and Happy can be seen also after leaving the Bathroom. The room is very darkened. Visible through the camera are multiple overturned tables and chairs, along with a broken television set in the far back left of the room. There appears to be a rusted and opened refrigerator with multiple molded and rotten food items in it. A door marked "CLOSET" is seen at the far left. When she becomes active, the closet door will open and The Visage will appear in the darkness of the small room. Her shadow can also be seen coming from behind the overturned table at the right side of the room after becoming active.


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