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Broken Mickey is a fan character on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Broken Mickey is a Photo-Negative Mickey suit. His face is missing, it is unknown how Broken Mickey lost his face.


Broken Mickey starts on Character Prep 1, after Photo-Negative Mickey leaves. He will go to Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge and then the office,once at the office,shut off a camera or hide under the desk to make him away,shutting off the power will work on him too.Failing will result in a killscreen, crashing the game.

Shade (Scrapped)

The Shade Version of Broken Mickey is like Decimated Mickey, but negative and he has only one eye. If the power is off, he will appear on the office doing the Photo-Negative Mickey Extras Position. You need to hide under the desk or he will kill you. After this, the game crashes, mostly if you don't do anything.


"Give my face back!" "i will kill you if you don't gimme my face back" *screaming* "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"



  • He's the worst joke character ever created.
  • His "appearance" doesn't change from the original PNM,just his badly removed face.
  • Broken Mickey is a gay suit.
  • His scream is basically PNM's jumpscare sound but high pitched.