Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Broken Spirit Billy (formerly Broken Spirit Jojo) is an antagonist in the game called, The Old Tunnel of Spirits, and is another soul, which is trapped in the broken Billy costume.


Broken Spirit Billy represents a monochromatic Donald Duck suit, which resembles Billy. However, he has a very dirty/dusty look, and has discolorations throughout the body. He's missing his left arm, right leg, and his left eye. His mouth is gaping wide open, and he has multiple tears/rips on the body.


Broken Spirit Billy will start in the Closet 1, as he's standing up, with his head down. Before leaving, he is now seen looking up at the camera. He will wander in Broken Spirit Joy's pattern, and moves a little quicker. If he appears in the Office on both middle and left doorways, closing the door on him makes him go away, as always. He will kill the player if the player fails to do this in time.