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Broken Spirit Dale is Broken Spirit Chip's brother, and is an antagonist in the game called, The Old Tunnel of Spirits. He is another soul trapped in a Disney's Dale costume.


Like Broken Spirit Chip, Broken Spirit Dale resembles a normal Dale's design, but is having a more dirty/dusty look, and his eyes are normal. But one of them is having a hole on it, he has multiple tears/holes throughout the body. His shirt is tattered and ripped. He lacks both hands, and one leg. Part of his ear is absent.


Broken Spirit Dale acts like Broken Spirit Chip (highly a clone of him), but starts in the Closet 2, standing still on the middle wall. Later, if he activates, he is looking at the camera.

He takes Broken Spirit Chip's pattern, entering the Office directly. Broken Spirit Dale will kill the player if they chose not to close the door infront of him, or not to hide in the locker. If they do one of the following, Broken Spirit Dale will go away.



  • Broken Spirit Chip is Broken Spirit Dale's brother. Likewise, Broken Spirit Dale is Broken Spirit Chip's brother.