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Broken Spirit Mickey is the main antagonist in the game called, The Old Tunnel of Spirits, and he is one of the few characters that has another version in this case is Broken Spirit Suicide Mouse.


Broken Spirit Mickey's appearance is basically that of Mickey Mouse's 1970's mascot costume from the DisneyWorld Parks, except that now it is missing his feet, his right hand, his left eye and his nose. Apart from this Suicio and damaged parts of it's dirty face and body. The mascot basically has tears/rips through the body and the face, his pans are missing a button.


Broken Spirit Mickey will start in Mascot Room 1, lying on the floor, but when Broken Spirit Mickey has been activated, he will look down and go to the Mascot Room 2, then to the Boiler Room, the Hallway A1 Entryway 1 and finally to the Office. However when you see him at the left door of your office, you have to close it so he does not enter and can kill him, otherwise, it will result in a jumpscare and a game over. Finally, he will take another route which is this Mascot Room 1, to the Hallway A3, the Storage Room, the Suit Workshop, and finally the Entryway 3, but playability is different. You have to activate an alarm to claim it, otherwise it will result in a jumpscare and a game over.


Route 1: Mascot Room 1Mascot Room 2Boiler RoomHallway A1Entryway 1The Office.

Route 2: Mascot Room 1Hallway A3Storage RoomSuit workshopEntryway 3The Office.


  • It is probably based on The Face, but without the deformed face and legs.
  • He is one of the easiest characters to face but one of the fastest characters in the game.
  • He can deactivate a camera if you keep looking at it for 5 seconds.
  • In the trophies of the extras will appear but with a top hat.
  • Originally, it would be having Photo-Negative coloring, but it would not make sense being that the game has nothing to do with Five Nights at Treasure Island.


  • "You will not survive here."
  • "You will be converted like us, and will remain here for the rest of your life, until someone manages to free us."
  • "You will not know the history of this place, until you have joined us and become a suit."
  • "A story that you should not know."
  • "This place is really cold."
  • "You can't find the key, the key of this mystery."
  • "You can't fix us."
  • "I think it's time to take your soul and destroy it."


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