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She is an antagonist in the game called, The old tunnel of spirits and one of the characters with fewer locations.


She looks similar to her counterpart, Ortensia with the exception that now her legs and eyes are missing from which she can see a big hole, apart from her lower left arm and her dress is dirty.


She will start in closet 02 lying on the floor however when he has woken up, she will go to the boiler room where Broken Spirit Suicide Mouse will be located, then she will go to Hallway A1, the entryway and finally The Office. she will nevertheless enter the office, you have to keep watching her until she leaves otherwise she will start making strange noises, causing others to come for you.


Closet 02 ➝ Boiler room ➝ Hallway A1 ➝ Entryway 1 ➝ The office.


  • She would be one of the slowest characters being that by camera takes 15 seconds, which can give you an advantage that another does not appear when she is in the office.
  • She would originally appear in the dressing room but it was changed because it would take much longer to reach your office.
  • If in your office you write COME BACK when it appears in your office, it will appear as always, but in its version of the past or its version clean and without damage but this will only happen 2 times per night.
  • She will be heard when she is near the office that she is crawling to get to your office.
  • Her scream seems to be the same as that of fnati but distorted.
  • She can also attack the player this happens when they spend 15 seconds of having made some strange sounds


  • "You can not be alive, for a long time"
  • "I'm ready to find you and finally kill you."
  • "You are going to join, whether you want to or not."
  • "The main idiot that I've seen in my life."
  • "Time to cursed and join us."

|Broken Spirit Ortensia's jumpscare

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