He is one of the main antagonists in the game called the old tunnel of spirits, but one of two that will turn off the energy, the other would be joy.


Unlike the oswald fan games of fnati he does have his left arm because the right one is missing, just like his left eye, which shows a big hole, apart from being dirty and broken, his right leg is missing.


He will start in the dressing room thrown in the wall, but when he has woken up Oswald will go to the break room and the hallway A4. Before you enter the energy room you have to electrocute it to get out of there otherwise it will turn off the power and suicide mouse will go to you instantly.


Dressing room ➝ Break room ➝ Hallway A4 ➝ Energy room.


  • Like joy does not kill the player instead causes Broken spirits suicide mouse can kill the player.
  • Originally its design seen in fnati but it was removed since it did not make sense being that they are different events.
  • He can appear in closet 01 but this happens if the player writes HELP when writing this will appear in closet 01 and will appear as if he were new.
  • He looks like classic oswald de fnati or ADI.
  • He is one of the slowest characters since it takes 13 seconds per camera.


  • "Hello my new friend, it's a pleasure to see you."
  • "Don't look me like that."
  • "Because you want to run from us."
  • "Oh. I remember this place."
  • "The place where we all die."
  • "Now you can see the really suffering, right.


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