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Broken Spirit Pete is another of the antagonists in the game called, The Old Tunnel of Spirits, and is also one of the souls trapped in a Disney mascot suit.


Broken Spirit Pete's appearance is that of a monochromatic Pete, but with his mouth gaping widely open. He is covered in too much Dust/Dirt, and has a huge hole at the right side of his eyes (at the right tip of his head). His hat seems to be missing the top of it, and he lacks his left arm, right hand and legs.


Broken Spirit Pete starts in the Closet 02, lying under the shelves. If he has woken up, he will be seen standing on the floor. As he moves into the Boiler Room, the Entryway 1, and the Office: Rather than being in the left door, he is stood infront of the desk. To get him away from you, hide in the locker to not let him spot you. Otherwise, he will jumpscare the player, resulting a game over.



  • Broken Spirit Pete's jumpscare consisted him of coming from the left side of the screen, then moving his head back and forth, then lunging his mouth to the player, apparently eating the player, to some people.