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Broken Spirit Winnie is one of the antagonists in the game called, The Old Tunnel of Spirits, and is also another soul trapped in one of the Disney suits.


Broken Spirit Winnie resembles the original Winnie the Pooh incarnation of it's Disney concept, but this suit is entirely damaged, destroyed, and very dirty. It's missing it's head, and seems to show huge discoloration. He is missing her right arm, and is missing the lower part of his legs. This costume seems to have huge rips around it.


Broken Spirit Winnie will start in the Mascot Room 2, lying down on the ground. Before he exits, he is now seen standing on the ground. It will proceed to move in direct path, through the Boiler Room, Entryway, and the Office, at the middle doorway. To prevent his jumpscare, keeping the door shut is a must for about 5 seconds. If they didn't close to door in time, or denies to do that. Broken Spirit Winnie will jumpscare the player, and results a game over.


Mascot Room 2Boiler Room ➝ Entryway (CAM 9) ➝ The Office.


  • Unlike most of the Broken Spirts in The Old Tunnel of Spirits, Broken Spirit Winnie will move in direct path; Compared to the rest of the Broken Spirts in The Old Tunnel of Spirits.
  • It's unknown on what he actually does in-game.
  • In V1, he was going to be one of the Easter Eggs. According to both versions: V2, V3; it was scrapped due to being an antagonist in the game.


  • Reasons why it's unknown what he does in-game:
  1. During V1 of The Old Tunnel of Spirits, Broken Spirit Winnie was never seen in any Cameras.
  2. According to the cancellation of The Old Tunnel of Spirits; Broken Spirit Winnie was not going to be spotted in CAMs 12 and 9.

I like B o s c h

Broken Spirit Winnie (aka. Hellbound Broken Spirit Winnie) is a N/A who jumpscares the player.

Coming Soon (June 30, 2021)

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