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She retains some of its features except that now it is broken and missing parts some parts that are missing are half of his arm and legs, his eyes shine blue as in the series is sometimes obviously dirty and has wrinkled his hair.


She starts in closet 02 will be stuck to the wall after that will go dragging horn Hallway B2 she will see if you are seeing them in the cameras, when she sees you watching the camera H B2 will crawl faster to the ventilations if you do not see the cameras H B2 when she is there she will slowly continue to kill you, then when you enter the ventilation even if you have not done the above she will quickly crawl through the ventilation when she looks at the office you have to light her by making her leave the office, if do not light it she will put on the desk making distorted sounds and a static sound if you turn off the light will use your eyes as a lamp to enter the office.

When moving, he speaks one of these quotes:

"Because we are here"

"Now this can be my life"

"Welcome to my life"

"Help me out of here"


  • Closet 02
  • Hallway B2
  • Vent A1
  • Vent A2
  • Vent B1
  • Vent B2
  • Office


  • It is not the only character of My life as a teenage robot (well they are two).
    • Those characters are Broken jenny wakeman and Exo-skin.
  • Originally when entering the office I would play the distorted and altered song of mlaatr.
  • At night 2 in Closet 02 if on the keyboard you write F L A M E it will change the texture to the decal of the flame and also to the eyes to the reds

Broken jenny wakeman (xj9)

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