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Cactus Kid, otherwise known as Cactus Kid Mickey, is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


As the name suggests, Cactus Kid appears to be an innocent-looking Mickey Mouse toon on a poster. He is only ever seen inside a poster in the A:DI continuity, but after awhile of the player pulling up the camera, he will become hostile and start to come out of the poster, and attempt to attack the player.


Cactus Kid appears to be identical to that of Mickey Mouse, except that his face and attire are yellow-colored, and his tongue is also pink, and his eyes are depicted black like most of the characters (such as Classic Mickey, Disembodied, Suicide Mouse and Willy), and also has small orange buttons on his pants.

Prior to A:DI, Cactus Kid's appearance is like the classic Mickey's, except with light gray pants with white buttons, and also has white shoes. He also has white eyes with small black pupils, instead of depicted black eyes.


Cactus Kid begins on Night 4 onwards. After pulling up the camera for a few times, Cactus Kid will still be at the poster, but will suddenly stare at the player. Pulling up the camera many times will result in Cactus Kid to actually start to come out of the poster, first his right arm, his head, his left arm, a little bit of his legs, then he is fully out. Once he enters his second and final phase, he will appear standing in front of the desk in the Office. To prevent Cactus Kid to attack the player, either hide under the desk or turn off the power, as the latter method will definetely work on him. If the player doesn't hide in time, pulls up the camera again or doesn't hide at all, Cactus Kid will attack the player.


  • In A:DI, Cactus Kid's jumpscare was not present at all.
  • Prior to A:DI, Cactus Kid's tongue oddly appears to be a lighter shade of the same color of his fur. In his first ever model, his tongue was white-colored.
  • Cactus Kid has a few bugs on his models and his movements in-game, are as follows:
    • Cactus Kid does not stare at the player if the camera is pulled up for a few times.
    • That being said, Cactus Kid also does not reach out some of his body parts (such as his right arm, his head, his left arm, a little bit of his legs) before fully coming out of his poster, just only appears pulling himself out from the poster at his first phase.
    • If the player hides under the desk while Cactus Kid is on his second and final phase, he will scream at the player, preventing the player to stop hiding under the desk. If any suits enter the Office after this happens, both Cactus Kid and that character will jumpscare the player at the same time.
    • In his remade beta model, his fur appears to be a darker shade of brown, while his fur, seen in his very first model, is a darker shade of gray.
  • Cactus Kid is one of the few characters in A:DI to not talk or have a voice actor at all, and is also one of the few characters the player must hide under the desk from.
  • Cactus Kid is a holder-name, but it might stick.
  • Cactus Kid is said to be linked to Willy.
    • That being said, Cactus Kid and Willy both have a requirement for the cameras to be up in order to activate, which indicates that they are connected to each other.
  • Prior to A:DI, The original model for Cactus Kid was made by Mr. Landwii, but the remake was made by Liquid Lampz, and the current model was made by WarriorGames.
  • Cactus Kid has been confirmed to appear in an official remake of A:DI, otherwise known as ADI 3.0. His appearance in said game is currently unknown.



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Cactus Kid's screech.