Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Cactus Kid is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Cactus Kid appears to be an innocent-looking Mickey Mouse toon on a poster, but after awhile of the player pulling up the camera, he will become hostile, and attempt to attack the player.



Cactus Kid's appearance is like the classic Mickey's, except he has white/light gray shoes and shorts, with circular orange buttons.


Cactus Kid is a version of Mickey Mouse with fully depicted black eyes, a yellow face; yellow pants, with orange buttons; yellow gloves, aswell as for yellow shoes.


After pulling up the camera a few times, Cactus Kid will still be on the poster, but he will look at the player, pulling up the camera many times will result in Cactus Kid to actually start to come out of the poster, first his right arm, then his head, left arm, a little bit of his legs, then he's fully out, standing in the Office. To avoid Cactus Kid, either shut off a camera, hide under the desk, or turn off the power. If the player pulls up the camera again, or fails to hide under the desk, Cactus Kid will jumpscare the player.


  • Cactus Kid is one of the few characters that doesn't talk when he moves.
  • Cactus Kid is a holder name, but it might stick.
  • Cactus Kid is one of the few characters you have to hide from.
  • Cactus Kid is said to be linked to Willy.
  • The original Cactus Kid Model was made by Mr. Landwii, but the remake was made by Liquid Lampz, and the current was made by WarriorGames.
  • Cactus Kid has been confirmed to appear in an official remake of ADI, known as ADI 3.0. His appearance in said game is currently unknown.