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''We still need our equipment ready.''

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Caged Minnie Is A Fan-Made Antagonist In Abandoned: Discovery Island.




She will start at Night 6 in the Pirate Caverns Entrance and make her way to the office. When she is in the office, Stand still until she goes away otherwise you get jumpscared.

Greg's Phone Call

"Hey buddy, it's Greg here. So uhh.. we were at Pirate Caverns's 2nd Floor yesterday and we found a Minnie suit which it's head has been caged. We don't know what happend but we will find out soon. We were studying it's desigh but when we looked away, it dissapeared. I guess it went upstairs to kill you. try avoiding it ok? it might be blind has well hearing so stand still and don't do noise. See ya next time bud. (phone closes) "

-Greg's Phone Call about Caged Minnie.


Note: give me the pirate caverns entrance model with the textures