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Caged Rabbit is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Caged Rabbit used to be an Oswald toon, he was wondering around in a room that was left years ago called "The Toon's Room". He was that later captured by The Toon and locked away in a large cage to be kept as his "Pet". He would usually get fed by The Toon, but if he misbehaves, he would get beaten up by him. He has lost an ear and an arm because of it. He was then later trained and ordered by The Toon to kill the SSA so they won't know where he is and who he is. he is also the impaled aka ortensia's boyfriend.


He appears to resemble Oswald except he is missing his right ear and left arm. He also has tears running down his eyes.


Caged Rabbit starts at night 2 in The Toon's Room in his cage. He would later then come out. When in the office, the player must hide or he will kill you. While active, he will say things like "Save us.", "Save me.", "I'm sorry, but I have to do what The Toon wants.", I was locked away for years..." and "He wants me to kill you."


Caged Rabbit starts at The Toon's Room, then goes to The Broadcasting Room, Character Prep 1, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and then The office.


  • The reason why The Toon made Caged Rabbit as his "pet" was because he wanted someone on his hide to help him out and away from the SSA.
  • He's one of The Toon's victims.
  • He was told to kill you by The Toon.
  • His quotes "Save us." and "Save them." refers to Caged Rabbit wanting help and to be saved from The Toon.