Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Cameron is one of the SSA members in Abandoned:Discovery Island.


He is 27 years old and used to be a U.S Marine before quitting and becoming an SSA member.


He has brown hair, green eyes and wears a uniform that the SSA wears. He also wears black sneakers.


He will call you at night 5 about the suits being alot tougher than usual and says if anything goes wrong, he will be there to help. If you die by anything at any night and type in the name " Cameron" at the main menu, you will unlock Cameron and the game will reset. You can also unlock him after the player gets the True ending. When playing as Cameron, he as the same game play as Jake except this time he will say things everytime a Suit enters or a phone call. For an example, * When Photo Negative Mickey says " Wanna see my head come off?" Cameron will say " No! Nobody wants to see your pus filled head come off you negative pest!" Or if Dark Oswald says " God? Where are you God?" Cameron will say " I am not god you Armless freak rabbit!" He is usually very stern.


He appears in the office.


It's unknown why he quits being a Marine or joined the SSA.

He appears to be the only character who you play as to talk.