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Candy is a antagonist in A:DI.


He appears to be the same appearance as taken from Five Nights at Candy's, except he has a bunch of rips and his tie is burnt. He is missing an ear due to a infection on it. He also appears to be missing a suit on his shoulder. The back of his tie has a completely burnt brown texture.


He starts in the same night as Cindy. He will not head to the office, but can get befriended if you allow him and Cindy in the office, that will cause a short cutscene of Candy possessing Cindy, making her have only 12 days left to stay alive.


  • This Candy is the Candy from Night Shift at Cindy's 5: Possessing Attraction.
  • This Candy also has a reference to the Candy in FNAC 3.
  • Advice from Sarah that Cindy is blind means that Candy possessed her.