Captain Hook


Hook First becomes active on Night 2. His starting location is Workshop 1 he then moves to Hallway E - Breakroom 2 - Living Room - Hallway C - Meat freezer - Spare room A - The Office.


When Hook enters your Office He will Stand In the middle Hallway for for a few Seconds before switching His hook hand for a Pirate style Blunderbuss. He then will aim his gun at you and fire Green splashes of Ink which you have to doge.

once he runs out of ammo you can then use your taser to ward him off and cause Hook to start In a new Random Location on the Cameras.


  • Hook has two Kill animations, His first being a normal Jump scare were you Don't shock him while the other being when he shoots you with his Blunderbuss.
  • Hooks design is based off of Epic Mickeys Original Hook design, I tinkered with It and got Hook.
  • You cant Usually see Hook on the camera but you can hear him scrape his sword against the walls making a loud scrapping noise alerting you of his Location.

    Captain Hook

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