Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

cartoon mouse is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island. He is a former Disney employee and an robot friend of Jake.


He appears to be a half normal Mickey suit with dust and the other half being a cartoon color silhouette with a small, red pupil.


appears on his own room new called "Forgotten nightmare room".


  • He's model is actually cartoon mouse/the cartoon mickey model, but in his blood style.
  • To create it, the Stitch model was chosen. In Gimp 2, the Invert and Value Invert effects were applied to the original promo of Stitch.
  • He originally has the normal cartoons mickey voice.
  • He's mechanic looks like demom Freddy at FNaF 6.
  • He's jumpscare noise is Corruptus one.
  • He's obviously based in Blood cartoon Mouse.