Caverns Keeper is a Fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery island. Caverns Keeper Is A Monochromatic Version Of Blood Mouse.


Caverns Keeper is Mickey Suit with random colors, a missing arm, no eyes and a chipped stomach. And he has a large hand and he is a monochromatic version of Blood Mouse.


He starts in pirate caverns in the free roam game-mode on Night 3. If you stay in the same room for 10 seconds the room will go Photo-negative. If you do not leave in 2 seconds he will jump-scare the player and end up crashing the game. On Night 4 he will come out of Pirate Caverns. If he is in the Lounge the player must not look at him or he will teleport to The Office. If he enters The Office , the player must hide for 5 milliseconds , If not , he'll end up attacking the player and crashing the game.

Shutting Off One Of The Cameras Will Not Be Working To Fend Him Off At The Player's Distance.


  • His colors were not meant to look like Blood Mouse.
  • He follows the player out of the Pirate Caverns.
  • He cannot see or hear.
  • He is made of......... CINNAMON!!!!!
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