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If you have one of these Phobia you better leave now to save your life. Anyway let's continue!


"Chaetophobia or H A I R Y is one of the and Fan-Made antagonist in A:DI"


He take shape of a Mickey Mouse suit except that his head, hands and his ear are growing a Hair.


A scissor will appear on the top left screen, drag it with your Mouse to use it. When you see his hair either from above or below of your screen. You must cut his hair with your Scissor. Not doing so will result a Nothing but Jumpscare.


He has no Quote in game but he do have a Death Quote.

Death Quote

  • "You better remove that thing on your Head"
  • "I told you to Cut my Hair but you ignored it"
  • "Hey can i take your Hair please?"
  • "Heres yo- oh i forgot that you're dead"


  • Office


  • His hair can't be removed.
  • He actually can see despite his "hair" blocking his eye.
  • His mechanic originally to be same as the Current mechanic except that his hair appear on left or right of your Screen.
  • In V 8.9 he will not attack you even if his hair is left on your Office for too long. This was patched later on.
  • In a split second you can see his roster on the "Custom Night" doing middle finger at you.
  • If you press his roster on the "Custom Night" he will say "having a hair is a ugly thing"