Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia




he looks the exact same way he dose from the game except he his chainsaw and his head back except his eyes are stitched shut he has only has 1 ear he also now ears his hat is on his head but it has white tubby,s camera jammed through it


wene going into pirates caven sometimes herry will shout BEHIND You wee he dose immediately press the down arrow as he will sing the chainsaw then `look for a metal door and run thought it then you must grab the custard infrond off you or you die also ending the night on night 4 he can bee seen running around the cameras if he is running in the lounge or the meat freezer HIDE AT ONCENor he runs I and chainsaws your head off he can sometimes stop in the storage room were Oswald is he can be seen awing the boxes as mikmik Oswald normal Oswald ortensia and hourglass run out the do6rway sometimes he can activate on night 6 rather than true mickey or corruptus if he dose he will always run and not stop so now all you can do is hide he can also crash the game on night 6


he can sometimes spawn headless as a refrence to slendytubbies 2 and 3

on a rare chance a cutsence can appear showing HE killed hennry by chaisawing his arm off and tinkey winkey ripping his head off

his shade is his second game appearance exept he has no arms and has chainsaws instead

he can sometimes attack jake but only to get a ear off him

if you manage to find a scalpel you caneave the office and sneak up behind him and use it to unstich his eyes after that he will tell the other tubbys that you are kind after befriending him any suit that gose ito the office will get chainsawed into 2 this will get you the slendytubbies ending showing pic showing stab woudes on him having stab wounds on him with a ear gone eyeless and no jaw as tinkey winkey dipsy lala and po stand behind him with purple green yellow and red letters saying WE LIED as the building in the backround on FIRE

sometimes jeff can be see being stabbed by po in the backround after trying to stabhim