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'''Chaos Night belongs to DuyGaming2020'

As the request DuyGaming2020, to use this character/OC in your FNaTI or A:DI fan-games, you'll need to ask for permission to the creator/owner of this character, and put the correspondent credit of the creator, use without permission will make the creator hold the Roll Roller Da! Then crush you down, then roll at you. You can fix any mistake grammar.

Chaos Night or Night Chaos is a secret night by clicking PN Mickey's Nose 20 times.

Active Suits

Upon in this night, Vision PN Mickey (NBD), Vision PN Minnie (NBD), Vision Oswald (NBD) and Vision Ortensia (NBD) active in this night.

Upon complete you will reward a cheese


  1. When the Vision suit are in your office, shut down the camera
  2. Check Lounge or Meat Freezer
  3. Make sure if 4 suits are in a cam or not, they will enter the Office or Another Area
  4. Repeat all these step to survive


  • There are secret characters called Vision Golden PN Mickey (NBD) will rare appear in your office of 1/99 chance, pull up the camera or he will kill you and close the game.