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"Then, it is done... You will give me YOUR SOUL." - Chara


Chara is a character with the same name as Chara from UNDERTALE and share similar roles, except Chara (A:DI) affects BRUTALLY the entire game.


After Jake has been killed by Photo Negative Mickey, at the very end of the death, a weird human child, with an innocent smile, will appear and tell the player the following:

  • Greetings. Friend.
  • Who i am?
  • Funny question, i am Chara. Nice to meet you Jake.
  • You are dead, just like me, buried in the nothing.
  • But you are very selfish, aren't you?
  • You like everything you have and neglect to give it away.
  • Isn't it? Hmmm...
  • This useless world, this useless costumes.
  • Shall we destroy it all, and end it all, friend?

The player gets to pick between YES and NO.

If the player picks YES.

  • Oh.
  • You aren't as selfish as i tought you where.
  • *Eyes go wide* We will be great friends... Don't you think?

The screen will go white and fade in black again.

If the Player picks NO.

  • . . . No?
  • Hmm... How curious.
  • You might have just misunderstood.
  • You are dead, just like me.
  • Neglecting will do nothing, come on, friend, pal. Let's do it.

If the player says NO again.

  • Oh...?
  • I see... Well... I have something to say to you...

Chara will proceed to jumpscare the player, similar to Ortensia's jumpscare, The player will have a black screen for 5 minutes with wind blowing, Chara will not make the Offer again, and the player will be stuck on this screen, unless they exit the game and try again. The player will have to force-close the game.

If the player gets out the game, when they are in this option, the game will be completely in black with wind blowing, for 5 minutes before Chara notices the player and makes them the offer again.

After the player says YES, and waits 5 minutes after the screen goes black. Chara will say:

  • How interesting.
  • You wan't to come back.
  • To the world you just destroyed...
  • WE, destroyed...
  • You want to be with those suits again don't you? You miss them.
  • Thats why you are still here. Right?
  • You still have something i don't.
  • Give it to me, and i shall bring this world back.

The player must pick YES if they want the game to be playable again, if the player picks NO. Nothing will happen, Chara will laugh, and continue waiting for the player to pick YES.

Once the player picks YES.

  • Then, it is done...
  • And you'll be my friend for ever.

The player can pick between YES, and NO. Like before, NO does nothing, being YES the only option.

Once the player picks YES.

  • It is done... Thanks for being a GREAT friend.

The screen will go white and fade in black again, the greetings of the game "WARNING: This game contains flashing lights, jumpscares and loud noises" will appear, and the main menu will be seen again.

Changes it does

  1. There will be NO MOON on the menu screen, the blue nightly sky will be red.
  2. The player will no longer receive phone calls.
  3. The suits are more active, even since night 1.
  4. The player will no longer play as Jake but as Chara, because Jake selling his soul to Chara to bring the "Game" back.
  5. The player can no longer do the true ending, because in floor 3, henry is missing.
  6. Undying will be twice as active.
  7. In night 5, nobody will be active except for True Mickey to conpensate the player for being unable to do the true ending, however, True mickey will not attack the player UNDERTALE style, and will act like a normal suit. The player either ends up dead again, or escapes the Treasure Island. This 2 endings will be the only ones that can be achieved.
  8. Night 6 will be disabled.


Just Re-install the game, and everything will go back to normal.

Easter Eggs

  1. The player can type "I am the one in control" when Chara is offering them to erase the world. Chara will instantly jumpscare the player and force-shut down the game.
  2. If the player waits for 5 minutes on the "YES - NO" screen, Chara will be looking several times to the YES button, and look only few times the NO button with a sad face. If the player waits entire 10 minutes, Chara will highlight the YES button and slap out of the screen the NO button. The words [R.I.P. NO BUTTON] will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Chara will answer the player if they type certain stuff, the player must type "Question:" And their question, if Chara dosen't answers, she dosen't knows what you mean, example Question: Why you want my soul? | Answer: Hmm... I could tell you if you would give me it.
  4. Chara will mock the player if they continue doing the bad ending, and will call them "Wimpy baby, can't get some simple keys, you make me laugh."
  5. If the player waits 20 minutes (Such patience) on the YES - NO screen, Chara will just Burn the YES option and say: "AHEM, thanks for picking yes my friend, *eyes go wide* YOU WILL BE THE BEST FRIEND I EVER HAD, DEAD LIKE A SKELETON." and she will proceed to Jumpscare the player.
  6. If you spam-click on Chara, she will sneeze and tell you how mean it was from you to make her sneeze. If the player repeats this for a few times, Chara will force-close the game.


  • Chara highly affects the game, but can be easily restored by re-installing
  • Chara is a punishment for the players that hide on the elevator, not even trying to move to another place on Night 3.
  • Chara was going to be an UNDERTALE Copy & Paste into this Wikia, but it got differences that affect the game more than it affects in UNDERTALE.
  • Her voice will be soon voiced by Mateo the Rabbit
  • TBD = To Be Decided (InfoBox)
  • It is believed The suits know it isn't Jake anymore, so they go twice as active.
  • It is unknown if the suits remember what happend after the player accepted to destroy the world with Chara.