Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Character Prep 4 Contains A Box With Mickey Head On It, A Silver Dusty Wall, Dusty Floors, An Headless Mickey Suit, A Hanging Hook, A Window Revealing Outside, A Greyscale Mickey Mouse Suit, A Mickey Mouse Poster, A Never Used Donald Duck, A Tv And A Desk.

Suits Who Can Go There

  • Photo Negative Mickey
  • Oswald
  • Corrupted Oswald(Starting Point)
  • Decimated Minnie(Starting Point)
  • Suicide Mouse
  • Willy Head(Easter Egg)
  • The Duck(Sometimes)


A Very Mysterious Room In Discovery Island, Located In Somewhere Discovery Island, Currently Unknown Who Made This Room.


  • Sometimes The Tv Turns Into Suicide Mouse Head.
  • Also Theres A Easter Egg Suit Named Willy Head

Basically Just Willy Head.

  • A Greyscale Mickey Mouse Is There, Somehow He Similiar Greyscale Mickey Mouse On Let The Show Begins Cutscene Athough He Not A Same Character.