Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Cindy is a antagonist in A:DI.


She shares her original look from Five Nights at Candy's, except her jaw is always closed, and she has a bunch of rips below her head. She also has a rip on her head, that is in half of it. She also is missing a ear.


She will start in Night 5 with her boyfriend, Mil Nikole. She shares the same path of Oswald.


Her jumpscare consist of her jumping up, and leaning close.


Appearing from the left, screaming.


Appearing from the right, lunging, and biting the player's head.


  • Advice from Sarah is that she is too blind to stand straight.
  • She was taterred by a girl with the same name, Cindy Nikole.
  • Rachel Nikole's name was originally this, but it got changed to Cindy Nikole.
  • She doesn't have a jumpscare sound yet.
    • It might be appealed that she doesn't kill the player.
  • Her right jumpscare impales Jake.