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Clandestine Oswald is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Clandestine Oswald looks similar to his normal counterpart, except his arms appear to be melting, and his lower torso is missing; in place of it is a paper with an unfinished sketch of Oswald. He also has a large smile on his face.


Clandestine Oswald doesn't necessarily have any starting location, however, his common starting locations would be: Character Prep 1, Janitor's Closet, The Roof, or the Storage. He will follow a set path from wherever he begins to the office. Unlike the other toons, the player must press "C" on their keyboard if he enters the office. This will cause the player to hold up a candle, and scare Clandestine Oswald off. Failing to do so will cause him to kill the player.

While active, he will speak; his voice, however, similar to Corruptus, is garbled, but has a bit of a tune to it. If decoded, he will say the following:

  • "Did... you mistake... me for tame...?"
  • (humming)
  • "Did... you forget... I was here...?"
  • "Rage... is what I sing of..."
  • "Should I apologize... if I'm just ignored...?"


  • The reason why Clandestine Oswald was created is unknown, but is possibly for an illegal cause.
    • This is also hinted to, as "clandestine" defines to "kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit."
  • Most of Clandestine Oswald's lines are references to the song "Little Clown."
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