Classic Oswald is a Fan-Made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island, and also The Original's first appearance before he became Distorted.


Classic Oswald will start on Pirate Caverns entrance, he can be seen sitting, looking at the floor, when he becomes active, he will look to the camera, then he will get up, and proceed to head to Character prep 1, where he can be seen looking to the clothes, then he will go to the Meat freezer, where he can be seen looking to Acephalous's head, then the Lounge where he can be seen sitting on the chair, and finally The Office where he can be seen doing thumbs up to the player. He disables ALL the cameras as soon as he enters the office, and he won't leave the office, he disables one of the player's defenses, he won't disable the cameras again tho, even tough, he will block the player view from the left of the office, making it hard to tell if Dark Oswald or Mickey + Others are in the office, he can leave if the player shuts down the power.

He will say the next stuff while moving:

"I remember you!"

"I wonder..."

"Do you still love me?"

"Im sure you hate me."

"You are doing great job with those cameras of yours there!"

"I am the Original! The first one ever!"

He especially talks in a very arrogant tone.


He is a rabbit just like Oswald but he has his arms, and is way more complete, he looks a lot like Mickey in some aspects. He has his classic blue pants, he is always seen having fun or being curious around.


He starts on Pirate Caverns Entrance, then he will go to Character Prep 1 then Meat freezer then Lounge and finally The Office.


  • Classic Oswald is the appearance of The Original before he became Distorted.
  • Classic Oswald was on the Corrupti incident, explaining his Distorted version.
  • Classic Oswald has similar behaviour to Pete, because both can shut down all the cameras, except Classic Oswald does it in a more gentle way and is more dangerous.
  • Classic Oswald is also a character in FNaTI:F, Mateo the Rabbit was not aware of this when making this character, hilarious coincidence! Thanks User:Distorted Mouse
  • This character is also based on Mateo the Rabbit's friend "Classic Oswald" from steam.
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