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Not to be confused with Dark Oswald.

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Classic Oswald is a unfinished Oswald suit, and is a minor antagonist in the game Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found, contrary to his black, damaged version of him, who exists as the secondary antagonist. He was Walt Disney's first ever iconic Disney cartoon character, but was later replaced by Mickey Mouse. He later made a comeback as a main character in the game Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2.



Classic Oswald looks identical to Dark Oswald, except that his textures are not black. Instead, he looks more like the Disney character. His body's color is black while his face's color is white, and he has blue overalls which are in good condition, unlike Oswald's melted ones. Like Oswald, he has no arms.


Classic Oswald starts on Night 4 in the Storage Room, and only his ears are visible since Night 1. He doesn't move until Night 4, and he will not move until Oswald leaves the Storage Room. After that he rushes to the Office and attacks the player resulting in a Game Over. To avoid Classic Oswald the player must hide under the desk before he comes to the Office.

The behaviour of Classic Oswald (Original Version) is known to be very different from all the other suits, when active he is known to be stood still within the Storage Room and Staff Area, but once he enters the Meat Freezer he can be seen running towards the Office, the player will have to be quick to avoid him.


Classic Oswald starts in the Storage Room behind the boxes, before peeking out of him and can move to the Staff Area and runs to the Meat Freezer and the Office.


  • Before Classic Oswald was added, his ears were visible in the Storage Room.
  • He was given the nickname "NOswald" by FateForWindows.
  • The original Suit which was going to be seen running on Camera was Acephalous, but was changed in the Found version
  • Classic Oswald seems to behave like Foxy from the original ​Five Nights at Freddy's​. Both have to be watched on the Monitor and run toward the office.
  • His screech is made by George W. Kush
  • An Unused Model For Classic Oswald Has Arms In Five Nights At Treasure Island Found Revision 1 Update However This Was Scrapped