Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Classic Pete is Pete from the older Mickey Mouse cartoons when it was black and white and with no sound and just music.


Classic Pete appears to be regular Pete but is in black and white and appears to have his hat and he is wearing his clothes in the regular cartoon except with the fact he has the same body design in the regular cartoons. His shade has no eyes and his right arm is missing but his right arm is replaced with a Spike and his eyes are human eyes.


Classic Pete becomes active on Night 2 and he starts in Character Prep 2. A animation of something going past the bars will alert the player that Pete is active. After the animation Classic Pete can go to Character Prep 1, The Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Bathroom, Lounge, The Roof, and The Office. The player must Shut off a camera or hide under the desk to get rid of him shutting off the power doesn't work as he will be in the office as his shade.


Classic Pete starts in Character Prep 2 then he can go to any of the following locations: Character Prep 1, The Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Bathroom, Lounge, The Roof, or The Office. He can rarely go into The Broadcasting Room since Suicide Mouse starts there he won't go in there after Suicide Mouse has left the room.


  • Pete can go to Office immediately when active. However, this happens very rarely.
  • The pose he is in when in Character Prep 1 is when he looks to be happy.
  • He does have a chance to appear with Suicide Mouse in the Broadcasting Room. However, this can only happen on night 5.
  • He starts on Night 2 along with Disembodied, The Face, and Dark Oswald.
  • On Night 4 if he appears in the Office with The Face, he will appear where the door that some characters can go though to get in the Office, he will be in front of that door.
  • Unlike the other shades, his shade must be dealt with by hiding under the desk.
  • Supporting with him being unlike the other shades the flashlight has a 10% chance to work on Pete. However, he can be dealt with using the flashlight, but hiding is recommended.
  • He is also active on night 6 but only at 4 A.M and if the player is close to getting the True ending Pete will not become active.
  • It is possible to befriend him but requires special procedures like the 1st step is to befriend Goofy/Ace and then hide under the desk after the player has befriended Ace.
  • Pete can go back to a camera at Random but this is known to happen at 5 A.M each night.
  • Pete is the 3rd character that can be active on Night 6 if the player is on the good ending the others being Corruptus, and Slester.