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''Avoid Henry.., please..''



Clockman is a bright red crawling little humanoid, but with a suit on his head.

Due to him having no bones at all, it can move it's limbs in any location it wants.

Unlike his Hourglass counterpart, he can speak and even call the player.


He starts at the Janitor's Closet, and then goes into the Meat Freezer, and then into the Lounge, and finally into the Office. He can hear and see, so your best bet is to hide when he is still in the lounge, and not in the Office.


  • Clockman was actually going to start from the Roof then directly into the Office, like Mangle from FNAF 2, but it was scrapped.
  • Clockman was gonna have a recolored version of Hourglass's jumpscare, however this was changed, and soon, it will be only one frame.