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Colored Eustace is a fanmade antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He has the same appearence as Eustace, but his hat is Green, his eyes are Blue, his tounge and mouth are Red and Pink, his shoes are Brown, his vest is Light Brown, and he lacks his ears.


Colored Eustace starts in the Janitor's Closet with Acephalous, then he goes to the Bathroom, then the Meat Freezer, and finally the Office, the player must hide under the desk to make him go away, if failing or neglecting, he will jumpscare the player.


  • Originally he was gonna have ears, but the creator was too lazy to make them point downwards, so he got rid of them.
  • his texture was edited in Paint 3D, and the textures were added on his model in Roblox Studio.
  • Unlike his regular counterpart, he doesn't have any voicelines.
  • He is based off of the creepypasta, ''Mickey's Best Friend'', which can be found here: https://geosheas-lost-episodes.fandom.com/wiki/Mickey%27s_Best_Friend.
  • his appearence is similar to Goofy in the Mickey Mouse Shorts.