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Colored Willy is a fan-made antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island.


As his name implies, Colored Willy has the exact same appearance as Willy, but now has red pants and yellow shoes. He is just, as his certain design appears to be, similar to Mickey Mouse.

Original Period

To emulate the way characters were drawn in the Five Nights at Treasure Island’s time period, his coloring is inconsistent; he is sometimes depicted, having a light shade of brown face skin, also wearing red or yellow boots, and/or yellow gloves instead, and/or orange or yellow buckles on his pants. As an anthropomorphic mouse toon, his skin is a light gray and made of porcelain, so enough noises can lure him to another room, leaving behind his apparition.

Overall, his appearance is identical to TugBoat Willy in the 1930's of Treasure Island.


Colored Willy will begin in the Lounge, off-screen. Then, he'll appear in the room, doing the same pose as Willy.

He also becomes active on Night 6 as a harder replacement of Willy. He has the exact same behavior as Willy, but is much faster, meaning that the player must be very quick later. He can appear in your Office as early as 12:00AM. The player must hide under the desk to avoid him, as shutting off a camera, or cutting the power will also work.


Colored Willy will start in the Lounge. He will then head toward your Office.



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