Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Corcra Mouse is antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Corcra Mouse is a purple Mickey suit, with dust on him. Meaning that he was once an abandoned suit at Discovery Island.


Corcra Mouse has a technique of distracting the player, by turning on music at the Broadcasting Room where he starts, a shock button will appear on that cam, the player must shock Corcra Mouse to get rid of him and stop the music. And if Corcra Mouse is in the office. The player must shut off the cameras or he will jumpscare the player.


  • Corcra Mouse isn't the only purple suit in Discovery Island. He found out there are others.
  • He appears that on Greyscale Mode, he is the only character that isn't Greyscale.
  • He also starts on Night 6, Night 7 and Night 8.
  • "Corcra" means "Purple" in Irish.
  • He is one of Greyscale Mouse's creations.
  • The music that Corcra Mouse is playing in the Broadcasting Room is the menu theme from Five Nights At Treasure Island: The Lost Souls.