Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Hey Jake! It's me, Lisa. I wanted to leave a message to tell you about a new thing that we found on the island, a crack weirdly appeared on the floor of the office. There was a weird black-ish, green, corrosive liquid in the crack and then this weird melted Mickey suit like- manifested in the crack, leaving a puddle of the corrosive liquid. The suit was also made of the weird liquid. So, if you see this thing, just hide under the desk, it shouldn't be able to see you, so... yeah, see you tomorrow Jake. - Lisa, Night 3.  


Corrosive Mickey is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Corrosive Mickey looks like The Face, but he has a greenish hue near the eyes, and is made of a corrosive, black liquid. He is also melting from the liquid, and no inside of the suit is seen.


Corrosive Mickey acts like Cactus Kid, and is only active in the office, via a crack in the floor. Corrosive Mickey has stages before he tries to attack the player.

  1. A crack in the floor of the office.
  2. The corrosive liquid starts to bubble over the crack.
  3. The crack is covered by the corrosive liquid.
  4. Half of Corrosive Mickey's head is visible through the slime.
  5. Half of his body is out of the slime.
  6. He is touching the desk

When Corrosive Mickey is at Stage 6, you need to hide under the desk. If you fail to do this, it will trigger a jumpscare.


  • Corrosive Mickey is based off of SCP-106.
  • His audio is taken from SCP-106.