Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Corrti Oswald is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


In his first stage, he will be normal. In his second, he will appear to have a light shine down on him, making his whole face white, then in his third, he will appear normal, except have glowing, white pupal's.


He only appears if the power is off and if the playing types in " Corrti" On the main menu, replacing shades. in his first stage, he will be seen slightly far away from your desk, looking down, but he looks normal. On his second stage, a bright light shines down on his face, making his whole face white, he also has his mouth open. On his third, he will be infront of your face, looking normal except having glowing, white pupals. On the left side of the office wall, it will say " God?" And the door on the right will say " Where are you god?". The player must shine their flashlight at him or he will kill you. He also speaks in a distorted voice.


He only appears in the office if the power is off.


The writings on the office wall to the left and right door are based on his quotes.

He's probably the only one who looks normal on third stage and has some sort of message or easter egg popping up during that stage.

It's currently unknown where the light came from, mostly from god.