Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Corrti Photo Negative Mickey is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


in his first stage, he will be normal, except he's missing his eyes. In his second stage, he will have slgihtly wide eye sockets and a smile. In his third, he will have wide sockets with human eyes, but his mouth will be normal.


He only appears if the power is off and the player types in "Corrti" on the main menu, replacing the shades. His first stage will be him looking down with no eyes, standing infront of the desk a bit far. In his second, he will have slightly wide eye sockets and smile and his pose will be him coming closer to you, both hands on his head with some yellow blood coming out of the neck. The third stage will be him infront of you, with human eyes and wide eye sockets, with both hands outstretched. To fend him off, you must use your flashlight or he will kill you. Sometimes, he can speak in a distorted voice, but have the same quotes.


Corrti PN Mickey only appears in the office when the power is off.


  • This is the first Corrti made.
  • The second stage might resemble PN Mickey's shade.