Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Corrti Suicide Mouse is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


In his first stage, he will appear to look normal, but will be looking down. In his second, he will have a wide grin with teeth and white eyes, in this third, he will have a blank face similar to the SuicideMouse.avi video.


He only appears if the power is off and the player types in " Corrti" in the main menu of the game. In his first stage, he will be standing a bit away from the desk, looking down with hands tucked behind back, in his second stage, he will be looking up with a wide grin with teeth and white eyes, with his left arm outstretched towards the player in the same spot as he's about to come closer. On this third, he will appear to have a blank face and will have both of his arms stretched out as he tries to grab you, and during that stage, you will see a distorted, twisted version of his face on the monitor. The player must shine their flashlight or he will kill you. During his Corrti process, you will be hearing screams and moans from SuicideMouse.avi and it gets louder and more distorted as the process goes. If you get killed by him, the music box will play while showing the game over screen.


He only appears in the office when the power is off.


His process is based on SuicideMouse.avi

He's probably the most unique out of the other corrti's.