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''We still need our equipment ready.''

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Corrupt Elsa Head is a Fan-Made Antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


While her Body is nowhere to be found, her head is still active in the nights. She can be seen in random locations in the cameras. Her personality is unknown and her backstory is "MISSING" "MISSING" and her face has been distorted by a "MISSING".


Corrupt Elsa Head will get spawned in the Broadcasting Room and she will go to all locations beside the Storage Room And the Character Prep 2. She will also appear in the Pirate Caverns in Night 3 as an Easter Egg. When she reaches the Office, you will have to absolutely nothing untill she dissapears.



  • Her head is from Disney Infinity.
  • I ripped her head from Disney Infinity and her model turned out like that so i made it as a character.