Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Corrupted Buck or Buck for short is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island he is mentioned in the Night 4 phone call:

"Hey Jake! Its me Greg again remember what I said last night when I mentioned that Noah animatronic recently we found another one he wasn't a human animatronic but rather a bunny pretty strange if you tell me according to one of those former employees he was made as a last ditch effort to keep Treasure Island open but he was unused and when we found him he was missing some of the costume on his left hand's fingers and on his chest just do what you do with Noah and those suits OK? bye."


Corrupted Buck is a gray bunny animatronic wearing a black bow-tie he has dark blue eyes his left hand's fingers are missing some of the suit while his right is intact his right arm and leg are slightly damaged the damage came from the Corrupti incident.


Like Noah Buck was a scrapped character he was mean't to act as Noah's sidekick 30 years later his concept art was discovered in a cabinet the concept art was used to create the Buck animatronic he and Noah had their own attraction which was unsuccessful he and Noah were the only 2 animatronic's on the island not counting Animatronic Goofy and Donald while the other characters were suits.


Buck starts moving on Night 1 but on Night 2 he is a threat he starts in the Play Zone leaning against the wall he unlike Noah doesn't have 2 stages there he will then either move to the Staff Area the Lounge the Broadcast Room Character Prep 1 The Bathroom's Janitors Closet then the Meat Freezer and the Storage Room he will then appear in the office the player must shut off a camera or turn off the power or hide to prevent death his jumpscare is similar to Noah's but instead of roaring he bites Jake while lunging he will say some of these quotes:

"I can feel the wind."

"You lost control."

"Don't you remember me?"

"Welcome home to your hell."

"I will escape."

"Somethings sometimes see to be there...except me..."

"I will get off of this island."


  • Buck is very aggressive on Night 5 as he is a very large threat.
  • He is one of the creator's most favorites.
  • The quote "I will get off of this island." hints towards something involving Buck and Noah in the sequel.
  • Buck was actually meant to start on the Roof Camera and crawl through the vent but it was scrapped due to issues.
  • Buck rarely can be seen helping Oswald get up on Night 2 this leads to a theory that Buck is partners with Oswald.